Parking Lot Striping Seattle, WA

Parking Lot Striping in Seattle, WA

Strip-ing: [strahy-ping]

1. to mark or furnish with a stripe or striping
2. to apply parking lot striping lines to new, freshly sealed, or existing parking lot
3. the application of stripes, parking lot stencils, and handicaps to the parking lot area



Materials: In Seattle, WA we have a wide choice of parking lot paints. Most parking lot contractors around Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia are pull paint from Alpine Products. Some unscrupulous contractors may engage in the use of inverted spray cans for striping. This is not acceptable. We use the same traffic paint that the State of Washington specs on the highways. 100% of the time.

Weather conditions: Unlike Sealcoating, Parking lot striping in Vancouver, WA can be done year round. As long as it is dry, you are safe to stripe. We typically stripe in all seasons, only avoiding the harsh late December – Early February weather.

Equipment: Professional contractors use professional equipment. If a bidding contractor will not be using an airless machine, which is the industry standard, you might want to evaluate that contractor a little closer. No rollers, Inverted aerosol cans, house sprayers. We have seen them all, we use Titan Speeflo professional stripers with state of the art hydraulic on most jobs.

Serving:Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, Bellevue, Kirkland, Everett, Lynnwood, Seatac