Parking Lot Sealcoating Seattle, WA


Sealcoating: [seel]-[koh-ting]

1. to seal asphalt parking lots, roads, or driveways with emulsified asphalt.
2. the application of black tar to surface of existing asphalt pavement.
3. to beautify and protect your asphalt investment.



Materials: In the Seattle, WA market, we have 3 major sealcoat manufactures. Special Asphalt Products, Pacific Coatings, and Armor Seal. All manufacturers provide great asphalt emulsion sealers, with Pacific Coatings providing the longest track record of consistent material. This is why we use them. 28 years 20 million gallons.

Number of Coats: Industry standards and most manufacturers’ specifications call for 2 coats of sealer to be applied on commercial, roads, and industrial properties. Lower traffic volume areas like driveways are fine with only one coat. We adhere to these standards and even add a 3rd coat to high traffic areas when material levels allow.

Contractor selection: Most contractors are good people trying to earn a living. There are some contractors that trade in fear mongering, other contractor degradation high pressure, type of salesmanship. Stay away from these contractor. Collect your bids, do you homework, and formulate your own opinion to which contractor has the experience, ability, and right price for your project. That said, we at Affordable Asphalt have put together a past customer list and a few letters of recommendations for your reference.

Serving: Parking lot Striping & Lot Marking | Seatte, Renton, Shoreline, Everett, Lynnwood, WA