Crack Sealing Seattle WA


Crack Sealing [krak][seel]

1. to seal cracks
2. to protect sub-base from surface water from cracked asphalt
3. to fill crack with hot rubberized asphalt.



Materials: The use of hot pour crack sealing is by far the industry standard for both commercial and residential properties. This is why we only use hot pour crack sealing.

Preparation: This is an important issue. The bottom line here is this: Is the crack clean of debris, vegetation, and moisture. Contractors use a variety of acceptable prepping methods, Wire wheels, manual, blowing, and torching. We use them all.

Coverage: When cracks are properly sealed, they should have a band on both sides of the crack. We only use a notched squeegee that allows materials to sit on top of crack with a band.

Equipment Needed: With hot pour crack sealing, contractors can use 5 gallon bucket with a torch stand or mobile units that hold up to 350 gallons. Main point is that the contractor is using a method that allows for the material to reach over 350 degrees so the polymers can activate for proper performance. We use a variety of these methods, but all are hot pour applications.

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